ما هذا وضع "الامتحان"
Use the "Exam" study mode if you want to learn certain words in a short period of time, for instance, when preparing for a test, an exam or before a journey.
1. Choose the set of words to learn
Choose one or more word sets among 130 ones that we created: for instance, the ones about science, business or irregular verbs. Or, create your own word set. Begin the "Exam" using the set you have chosen.
2. راجع الكلمات حتى تحفظها
Take the "Exam" multiple times until you are sure you have learned all the words. There are no compulsory intervals between practice sessions in this mode, and the number of repetitions is not limited.
3. Delete the set you have studied
If you have learned all the words from a set, remove it from the list. Add infinite number of sets, learn them at the same time and delete them when necessary.